Traffic/Building Department

Traffic Violations

It is a reality in an urban and suburban setting that many people are going to be cited for a traffic violation at least once, if not many times, during the course of a lifetime. Before simply pleading guilty to a traffic infraction, however, it is very important to know your rights and options, as well as the consequences of the plea.

Scott Stone represents clients throughout the New York City Metropolitan Area accused of a myriad of traffic and Department of Transportation-related infractions. Scott advises them as to the consequences of the allegation, and discusses potential legal options. He will represent them in Court; or at a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing; or at the Suffolk and Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agencies, including discussing a potential plea bargain with the prosecutor, seeking a dismissal or conducting a trial, where necessary.

Building Department Violations

For a property owner, receiving a building violation from an inspector can be a very intimidating experience. However, most municipalities simply seek to enforce compliance. Scott represents property owners of commercial and residential property accused of building department (and fire marshal) violations, advising them of their legal options, assisting them through the process and making the numerous appearances in court while working toward a resolution.