With extensive experience in landlord tenant court, Scott Stone represents both landlords and tenants in summary proceedings, which are also known as eviction proceedings. In addition to the pre-court notification letters required to initiate an eviction, Scott handles all aspects of the proceeding, including the court action and appearances, negotiations with the other party, preparation and implementation of any settlement agreement and all communication with the Sheriff to carry out the eviction, if necessary.

In addition to court disputes that occur between landlords and tenants, Scott has long represented both landlords and tenants in the creation of the landlord tenant relationship.

When advising and representing prospective landlords seeking to lease space to a proposed tenant, Scott advises them of the various considerations and legal options with respect to the proposed agreement, and has experience in the preparation of residential and commercial leases, implementation of the leasehold, as well as subsequent extensions and modification agreements.

Scott also advises and represents prospective tenants seeking to protect their interests, including pre-lease and due diligence considerations, and the review, negotiations and implementation of residential and commercial leases.